What Does It Do?
Instant, Absolute "Offline" Security-Reduce the amount of time hackers have access to your PC
At Hand
Simple To Hook Up
Plugs in between your existing modem and computer
with 6 foot cable included with purchase.
No software to install, Uses no power, No license fees
A Logical Addition
Use The Internet Switch along with your existing security
software for complete online and offline protection.  
Feel safe about leaving your computer on longer.
* see "FAQ" tab for a word about wireless security
Instant Disconnect
Immediately stop forced or unexpected downloads, cascading
pop ups and isolate your computer when performing
maintenance and when working on sensitive materials.
Catch Incomplete E-mails
Have you ever forgot to attach an attachment?
If you're fast, switching offline can catch an incomplete
e-mail before it leaves your computer.
If you're not always online;
Why is it always on?
Peace of mind for only:
$8.00 Shipping
Anywhere in the USA
Secure online purchase
with PayPal or Credit Card
This is a simple mechanical switch that lets you physically disconnect from the Internet when you're done
working online.  When the Internet is "unplugged" it's
impossible for hackers to access your computer.
version 1.0 patent pending
Copyright 2009 Hyndr Beuche LLC all rights reserved
Recent consumer research indicated that 83.4% of
female respondents asked, found the idea of a new
product that totally isolated their computer from the
Internet "Highly Appealing".
Al Wight Strategic Decisions
The NCSA is a public-private group that promotes
cyber security and safety online.  
One of their top ten tips for protecting yourself
online is to disconnect from the Internet when it's not
in use......
.View the National Cyber Security Alliance report..
Update July 13, 2010...USPTO has granted our US patent for several embodiments of these physical
security devices.   This game changing event is causing us to review other options for marketing our
products.  For more information, please communicate through our contact e-mail  Thank You